12 Communities 1 Bristol podcast: Knowle West

This week’s episode of the 12 Communities 1 Bristol podcast focuses on Knowle West.

The local oral history podcast is made by Marcus Smith with BCfm, in partnership with Bristol24/7, Bristol Museums, Bristol Archives, UWE Bristol and the National Lottery Heritage Fund.

DJ Flynn from the legendary hip-hop group Fresh 4, who grew up in Knowle West, explains how the area helped to define the Bristol Sound.

Mary Stokes, Helen Bailey and Jim Smith, share memories of the Filwood Broadway, which once had a cinema and swimming pool.

We then hear from residents about the Filwood Social Centre, which opened in 1938 and meet the Blackmore family who are one of the oldest families in the area.

Makala Cheung reads us a poem written by former city poet Vanessa Kisuule about Knowle West, and we are introduced to Don who takes care of the gardens at the community centre.

Finally, Ann and Denise tell us about the origins of Knowle West’s reputation.

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Contributors: Melissa Chemam, Charlie Watts, Knowle West Media Centre and Immy Taylor. Sound: Jake Gaule. Music: Wilfred de Salis. Graphic: Ruth Harris Read more: Knowle West community market returns after coronavirus break

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Originally published at https://www.bristol247.com on September 24, 2020.

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