‘Here, There… Evenwhere’

I’m so happy this artbook is now almost ready!! It was so wonderful to work with Arnolfini, especially Phil Owen.

I had such a great time as their writer in residence and the gallery really feels like my home. The book will be out in PDF and a few physically copies later this month. Thanks to all the mesmerising artists for their inspiring creativity !

More soon here: https://arnolfini.org.uk/category/writer-in-residence/

Arnolfini’s Writer in Residence is freelance journalist/reporter, radio producer, res ea rcher and writer, Melissa Chemam.

Melissa writes for many publications such as Art UK, I AM History, The Markaz Review, Reader’s Di gest, The Public Art Review, Transfuge Magazine, Le Figaro, Le Monde, Skin Deep, The Bristol Cable, Bristol 24/7, CIRCA Art Magazine, The Times Literary Supplement, The Independent, Byline Times and Public Pressure.

From 2010 to 2014, she was based in East and Central Africa, working as a reporter and communication specialist from Kenya, Uganda, Somalia/Somaliland, Ethiopia, Liberia, Senegal, Niger, and Central African Republic, also travelling to North Africa regularly (Algeria, Egypt, Tunisia, Morocco). She reported mostly for the BBC World Service (BBC Afrique) and DW. From Paris and London, she also covered African affairs for Vox Africa, Al Qarra TV, RFI, TV5, iTélé, and various magazines…

Since 2015, she has been focusing on African music and visual arts, as much as culture from diverse diasporas.

She is author of , a book on Massive Attack and Bristol , of a book chapter on reggae in Bristol (Palgrave Macmillan, 2020), another chapter on graffiti culture (in , 2021), and this coming art book.

Freelance journalist/writer, I’ve reported in 30 countries for the BBC, CBC, DW, magazines, on African-European relations, social change, arts, music & politics